Marais USA These amazing ladies, Christine Chen and Haley Boyd, started a shoe company that I immediately loved. Fellow Brooklynites and fashion lovers, they make cool shoes every woman can where and should!
Check out their inspiring and often hilarious blog:
  John-Paul Philippe John-Paul Philippe is a lovely friend and amazing artist who took me under his wing when I fell out of love with fashion. His unigue aesthetic and accomplishments reminded me how rewarding it is to create something and love what you do. He is concentrating again on painting and I can't wait to his truly original use of color.  
  Jessa Blades Jessa Blades is super talented natural make-up artist pioneering her way through the chemical-concentrated beauty industry. She educates and inspires everyone around her about the harms of the common cosmetics and the need to anylize what we put on our bodies and faces. Thanks to Jessa, I know how to avoid common carcinigenics, that I was once using everyday!  
  Winifred Grace One of the loveliest jewelry designers around, Winifred designs and makes all her pieces out of her Chicago studio. The collections are always very unique with amazing materials, and thoughtful design. They are great for dressing up any outfit, but also for everyday.